Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The weather hasn't been great the last little while where I live. I've gone out several times to shoot but haven't really been to keen on the images I've come up with in the rain. I took my girls with me to the gardens yesterday but we arrived just before closing time. The shock of moving from the cold outside to the tropical temp and humidity in the garden was too much for my lens and I didn't have enough time to let it warm up. So although I'm not particularly happy with the quality of these photos the content is surely different than one would normally see in Victoria on a wet February day. I have a shoot tonight that I am hoping will go well and may be allowed by my model to post a few for you to see.
This morning while hunting for a sunrise location I was sad because there was way to much cloud cover, but really wanted to get out and scout locations. I found an amazing spot and have an idea for a shot that at least in my mind is amazing. I'll need a couple of models for it but once I am able to set it up I'm excited to see what happens. Stay tuned....

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