Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunrise on Mt Tolmie

After several attempts to catch a sunrise only to be thwarted by a double cloud layer there was one this morning. It wasn't vast or spectacular because of a low lying cloud layer on the horrizon, but it was there. I am really enjoying the morning now. There is something amazing and humbling about being up before the sun, climbing up or down to your chosen vantage point and waiting for the moment to come. It's like the sunrise is for you alone, I know that doesn't fit it with the humble part too well, but the peace I feel when I hear nature waking up really fills me with renewed spirit. Hearing a far off bird call, or a racoon family returning to the trees, the distinct sound a heron's wings make, or the swoosh of water foul landing in the water truly takes me away from the gut wrench stress of my normal life.

The colours are amazing, and change so rapidly that once the sun starts to rize it's a race to capture every small change in the light.
I worked last night, and caught the rise this morning, here are a few pics for you. I'm going to bed.


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  2. Great Pictures Mike,
    Very beautiful.. and the colors are amazing!!

  3. Mike they are absolutely stunning!!!! You are such an amazing photographer and you write so eloquently. My favorite is the top one. So beautiful!!!!!

  4. Peach, and in training. Thank you both so much.


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