Friday, March 20, 2009


I had a shoot with a woman named Tania and she agreed to allow me to post a few of the photos.

I love to do boudoir stuff because I enjoy the process. Often the model if she hasn't posed before is quite nervous, she stands awkwardly and feels a little pressured to find the poses for me. "OK just tell me what to do because I don't know." Is a very common comment at the start of a shoot. But once they see that they will be gently guided through the shoot with respect and humour just as I had let them know before we began, I see them loosen up. Their body language changes and they begin to have a lot of fun. After the shoot the feeling I get from showing them what they looked like is great. I've even had some people close to tears say they can't believe it's them in the photos.

The model above was very confident and fun which was great also because very little time was spent teaching. We just had a good time and a few laughs, she had lots of her own ideas and was very open to mine, which I loved. I wish I could share the whole shoot with you because it went very well but I do have to try and keep it short for the blog. Probably I will post more of them on model mayhem

Some have mentioned that model photography doesn't fit with what I'm doing here on my blog. To those I say "What I'm doing here, is showing the pictures I have taken so that anyone who might be interested can see and talk about them. So I think it fits just fine, thank you."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hidden world

I went out the other morning to try and get a few sunrise pics. There is a beach with a lovely view of a mountain range that I know will look amazing with the right light on it. That light didn't come yet again so I don't have any pics worth sharing of the mountains. However, I love to set up well before the sun comes up and try to get a few long exposures done while I'm at the water. I really enjoy the silky feel to water when the shutter is left open for a long time.

The funny thing is I have been to this rocky shore many times waiting for light and spent countless hours looking around from my favorite little spot on the rocks. I had no idea that this was an historic military site and only a few feet away from me hidden by the hill was a huge area holding two massive canon mounts and several munitions bunkers.

I know the picture isn't great as far as colour and clarity but like I said the light didn't come and the photo is actually a photo merge of several shots. The area was quite big and I couldn't get the shot even at 18 mm.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Parker Park

Yesterday I went down to the beach for sunrise. It isn't that I always shoot sunrises although I know it can sound like it since every day I say I'm going out for sunrise. I am often asked just how many sunrises I need to take pictures of before I get it right. If you have ever sat all the way through a sunrise and tried to shoot it you know that not only is each one vastly different from another but within a single morning the sunrise changes from second to second. A sunrise has life and movement and is an amazing thing to behold.
However one of my favorite parts of a sunrise is the time just after, when the light is perfect for taking pictures. Everything has an incredibly warm rich light bathing it, bringing out details and colours that you wont see at any other time of day. This light, if it happens only last for about a minute, and is the perfect time to shoot things other than the horizon.
Got side tracked there sorry, anyway I went down to the beach and while trying to pearch myself in the perfect spot I slipped and fell down a concrete ramp and into the water. I am still having some trouble walking properly and am quite sore, but after making sure all my equipment was ok I found a spot and shot for a couple hours. Those pics aren't up yet, I haven't even looked at them but I wanted to share it with you. I think to someone who doesn't know what it's like to hunt for light it would seem stupid to sit on a rock covered in sea water while the February wind freezes you to the bone just to snap pictures knowing the sun is going to rise again tomorrow just like it has for millions of years. But for a photographer, (or maybe it's just me and I'm crazy) after realizing that falling hard with hands in the air trying to save expensive gear worked and all was dry other than clothes and skin, it made no difference at all and sitting shiverring on a rock all morning was all worth it no matter how the pictures turned out.
Back on track again haha. This morning I went to Parker Park to catch sunrise. The clouds were way to thick and it didn't look like there would be anything to shoot. But I climbed out of bed and into the 3 layers of clothing I had laid out the night before. There must have been a storm way out at sea or something because it was very peacefull without any wind but the waves were pounding right up around me and I had to be pearched up atop a rock wall to avoid getting wet. Even had to shoot for a while with camera on legs, and umbrella in hand. I think it was worth it. Who doesn't love to blur waves? I think it looks so cool and is a great suprise when the sutter closes and you see what you shot. You can see in the top couple shots I took after the waves had died down and tide went out a bit, everything was wonderfully washed over with a warm rich light. Even a picture of a rock can be amazing at this time of day.
Anyway I hope you like these even a tenth of how much I enjoyed shooting them. As always I welcome all forms of comments to help me on my journey. Don't forget all of my images are yours for a price, I can be contacted at