Friday, March 20, 2009


I had a shoot with a woman named Tania and she agreed to allow me to post a few of the photos.

I love to do boudoir stuff because I enjoy the process. Often the model if she hasn't posed before is quite nervous, she stands awkwardly and feels a little pressured to find the poses for me. "OK just tell me what to do because I don't know." Is a very common comment at the start of a shoot. But once they see that they will be gently guided through the shoot with respect and humour just as I had let them know before we began, I see them loosen up. Their body language changes and they begin to have a lot of fun. After the shoot the feeling I get from showing them what they looked like is great. I've even had some people close to tears say they can't believe it's them in the photos.

The model above was very confident and fun which was great also because very little time was spent teaching. We just had a good time and a few laughs, she had lots of her own ideas and was very open to mine, which I loved. I wish I could share the whole shoot with you because it went very well but I do have to try and keep it short for the blog. Probably I will post more of them on model mayhem

Some have mentioned that model photography doesn't fit with what I'm doing here on my blog. To those I say "What I'm doing here, is showing the pictures I have taken so that anyone who might be interested can see and talk about them. So I think it fits just fine, thank you."

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