Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo assignments

I'm taking a class again, and I have to submit photos of all different types. Some are graded assignments and others are to demonstrate understanding of the different rules that make eye catching photos.

This will be my first post with photos so I'll throw several up that I took over the last week. Most are showing the rule of leadin lines, the idea being that you can lead the viewers eye to the subject in an interesting way.

The rule of thirds is a way of avoiding having the subject right in the middle of the picture surrounded by wasted space. Funny thing, after I started looking back at pictures I once thought were good because they were correctly exposed I noticed that I had been consistantly placing the eyes of people right in the middle of the picture making the overall photo uninteresting.
There are also examples of framing, and rythem up there.

Please comment on my photos and let me know what you think, I want nothing more than to get better and the only way is to understand how people view pictures and what is or isn't appealing.

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I'd love to hear anything you have to say about my photos. Love them? Hate them? Know what would have made them better?